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Girl's Fastpitch Baseball Knickers

Girl's Fastpitch Baseball Knickers

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Unleash the power of precision and performance with our Kid's Baseball Pants Crop Knickers Pattern. Crafted for sublimation printers and manufacturers specializing in sports clothing, these pants redefine comfort, style, and efficiency for the modern sportswear enthusiast. Pattern available in DXF and Ai format.

Measurements shown are for Aus size 10 (Size 10 UK/US) garment.

To assist you in discovering your preferred fit, consider purchasing an individual size for a fit/fabric test. Opting for the complete graded set within 14 days? We'll gladly refund the expense of your initial single size pattern.


  • Double Layer Knee Construction: Experience enhanced sliding protection, ensuring durability that stands up to the most rigorous plays.
  • Relaxed Fit Wide Leg: A perfect blend of comfort and style, allowing freedom of movement while maintaining a polished appearance.
  • Snap Closure and Zippered Fly: Secure fit guaranteed, so you can focus on the game without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions.
  • 2" Elastic Waistband with 5 Pro-Style Belt Loops: Achieve a snug fit for optimum performance, complemented by professional detailing.
  • 1" Elastic Hem: Achieve a snug fit to enhance your performance.

Imagine the confidence coursing through you as you step onto the field, knowing your attire is a seamless blend of style and substance. Our baseball pants not only protect but elevate your game to new heights.

Feel the freedom of movement, the unrestricted agility that our relaxed fit provides. Picture the resilience of double-layered knees, shielding you as you slide into victory. These pants are not just a garment; they are a testament to precision and thoughtful design.

Tailored for Your Success:

For the forward-thinking sublimation printer and manufacturer, these pants offer more than just fabric and stitching. They embody a commitment to saving you time and money. No need for costly pattern makers - our catalog ensures consistent, high-quality patterns delivered within 48 hours, wherever you are.

We understand your need for speed and innovation. That's why our pants are designed to accelerate your product-to-market journey, ensuring you stay ahead in the game.

Order Now and Transform Your Game!

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