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What Pattern Room is the world first online pattern catalogue of over 900,000 patterns, professionally fitted and tested, available in DXF and Ai format, sent to you in 48 hours


Good for you and good for your customer. Between men's, women's and kids. Between top and bottoms. So you can build your library over time with quality patterns.


So you can secure the job and then buy the patterns you need. React to the market when you need it

DXF and Ai

Perfect for your custom sportswear needs Import to any pattern making program. Import into the your knitwear program.


Step 1

Choose Your Garment

With over 10 categories and growing all the time, you will find the design you are looking for.

Step 2

Select the Details

Select from fits, sleeve lengths, necklines, hem shapes, waistband widths and heights and leg lengths. There are over 34,000 versions of a t-shirt so you are sure to find the one you need.

Step 3

Order your Pattern

Patterns will be sent to your inbox in 48 hours.You can order a single size or a graded set and specification to match.

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You might be looking to expand you offer to garments or you might be looking for an alternative way to build your library, secure new work or expand into new categories

ARE YOU a manufacturer

Are you looking for a quicker, more effective way to get a quicker approval from your clients. Let our team in Australia that understand the western body shape help you get a quick successful result

ARE YOU a Fashion Label

If you are looking for a quicker result from the pattern making process with patterns tried and tested for 14 years on the western body shape then Pattern Room could be the solution you are looking to speed up your development process.

ARE YOU looking to change your manufacturing

Are you looking to change your manufacturing location? Maybe you are looking to re-shore or would like to be a little more Geo flexible. Now you can own your patterns.

ARE YOU a Knitter or knitwear designer

With the most recent advances in knitwear programing, our patterns can now be imported into Steiger, Stoll and Shima Seiki knitwear programs. Speed up your programming process and approved samples with a pre fitted pattern from Pattern Room


Idea To Sampling In 48 hours. It's Amazing!

We have a manufacturing company in textiles. We do everything from children's garment all the way to socks, and hosiery. And I'm really happy to have found you. Pattern Room is a lifesaver. Personally, to me, just the idea of being able to choose a pattern out of a properly done catalogue and go from there to sampling within 48 hours. It's just amazing. We have plenty of problems with patterns and this could be life saving.

Paulo Nessa


Productivity Doubled And The Design Process Has Reduced By 26%.

The nested patterns make it easy to take one design and put it on every size. Our productivity doubled and the design process (time) has reduced by 26%. Our graphic designers love working on these patterns.

Chris Sharpe


Seeing is believing 

No More Lost Customers: Fast-track Your Pattern Approval Process for Quick Delivery to Market


This Website is For You If...

You Have Struggled

You're frustrated by the endless back-and-forth with pattern makers, struggling to articulate your vision and leaving you with subpar results that just don't meet your expectations.

You Have Missed Out

You're ambitious and have big dreams for your business, but the fear of venturing into the unknown holds you back. You're eager to explore new avenues for growth but crave a strategy that minimizes risk, allowing you to expand with confidence.

You Want to Grow Your Business

You've missed out on game-changing opportunities because you lacked the exact pattern necessary to showcase your unique offerings, leaving you on the sidelines while others capitalize on the very opportunities you long for.

The Worlds First online Pattern Catalogue of Industry Fitted Garments ready for you.

It Has Resulted In More Orders And Great Feedback!

Pattern Room assisted me in overcoming multiple manufacturing issues. As my production is overseas and in multiple factories, I required a tightening up of the procedure and pattern control. This was achieved through the digital patterns provided by Pattern Room.

The resulting products are really good and fit well. It has resulted in more orders and great feedback from my customers.

Thanks to Julia and the team.

Peter Bloom


Take a tour of the Builder


The features your peers rave about


AI and DXF Format

Can be uploaded to the program you use for design 3D Sampling, Pattern Making and Knitwear

Quick Turn Around

No need to wait for the traditional full development process. We have flipped this around for quick delivery of patterns to your inbox

Royalty Free

Once you have purchased the pattern, you can use it as many times as you like.

Single Size

Order a single size pattern to check the fit with your fabric

Graded Sizes

Once approved you can order a 6 or 12 size set


You can need an alteration, upload your alterations when ordering your graded set and we will update your pattern and specification

Men's, Womens & Kids Sizes

Supply the whole family with patterns from Kids size 4 to Men's 8XL and Women's 28

Consistancy of Fit

With a library of patterns that has been built with the big picture in mind. You can feel confident of consistency of fit for years to come


We live in a multi cultural world. We have fitted to the western body and have created a variety of personal preferences each market


When You Buy A Pattern Room Pattern

Pattern in DXF & Ai file format

These patterns have been created with you needs in mind. No need to buy a pattern making system and employ a pattern maker. We can help you get the patterns you need.

  • Import into another pattern making program
  • For graphics-Use DXF in Corel Draw and AI in Illustrstor
  • Import the DXF file into your specialist knitwear program

Graded Pattern

Our patterns have been graded to industry standards

  • For standards sizes over men's and women's we have graded to a 5cm or 2" grade
  • For plus sizes we have graded to a 7.5cm or 3" grade
  • Our kids sizing has been tried and tested over the last 10 years both in Australia and Internationally.

Graded Specification

When you are ready to order your graded patterns your also have the opportunity to order a full industry specification including

  • Sketch
  • Make details
  • Full sewing instructions for your machinist
  • Industry graded specification over all sizes
  • Key measurements
  • Bill of materials page for you to use
  • Plus other useful pages for you to use in your business

Bonus With Every Pattern

Design Sheet

Every pattern is delivered with a basic design sheet that includes

  • Seam allowance
  • Key measurements
  • Body measurements
  • Trade sketch

Designed to help you understand how the pattern can be seen

PLUS You've Got Peace of Mind With Our "No Risk"


We guarantee the highest quality for our products, with meticulously designed patterns, consistent fit across all sizes, and adherence to industry-standard grading and specifications. If any issues arise, we are committed to promptly resolving them to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Imagine Getting Results Like These...

Quicker Development

This has certainly made our development much quicker, so we are very excited.

Sherry Daniels

A Game Changer

Pattern Room is a game-changer for my business. With their extensive catalog of patterns and the ability to provide ready-made patterns.

Pattern Room has streamlined my production process and allowed me to focus on what matters most – delivering high-quality apparel to my clients."

Alexander Campaz
Infinite Wave

Struggled For YEARS to find good patterns

I have tried for years to find a good pattern maker, they are always so busy and it takes forever to get the patterns I need. It just did not feel worth it.

With Pattern Room, I can't believe how quick it is to get quality patterns for anything I need.

shannon Jardine
hoodoo suits

What is it Costing You to not use a Pattern Room Pattern?

How many clients are you LOSING because your garments don't fit. They might not even tell you, just silently move to your competitor next session

How many times are you going to lose money because you can provide a quick turn around time in a new style?

How many REPEAT sales revenue is slipping through your fingers because you're not sure when and how to ask for the "next" sale?

When you do "the math" this can equal HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars year!

Can This Work For You?

We are for you if you make garments. With years of experience in the textile industry, we know what you need to get a garment made, no matter where you are in the world

Custom Sportswear

Sportswear and corporate patterns ready for production in 48 hours means you will never miss a new job

Cut and Sew

Industry quality patterns that fit with specification sheets mean you are ready for production with instructions for the whole team

Surface Print Fashion

Let you surface print designs shine with the best fitting patterns in town. People have fallen in love with your prints. Now they will love wearing them.

My Story...

Hi my name is Julia Van Der Sommen,

Creator of Pattern Room and 30 year veteran of the clothing industry.I have worked as a pattern maker, designer, manager of workrooms and have dealt with onshore and offshore manufacturing.

I started Pattern Room years ago for a couple of reasons, as a pattern maker I know how long and drawn out the process can be, and how frustrating it can be to get your ideas across. The relationship between a business owner and a pattern maker is a combination of good information and mind reading with many people resorting to just copying someone else's garment. But then each pattern looked totally different and there was no consistency.

It was not unusual for me to receive phone calls from business owners saying ‘I’ve got 3000 patterns and nothing works’. It might be that they had inherited the patterns when they bought the business, it could be that the patterns were ‘tweaked’ and changed over many years and your old machinist was just cutting off the bits that did not work.

Often I would be suggesting ideas to a customer based on my knowledge and it was exactly what they needed so I knew there was a better way. What if I did the work beforehand in fitting and making corrections so you didn’t have to think about this process.

I also remember using a tech pack when sending designs to be made overseas. As a pattern maker this was incredibly frustrating but I worked for a large business and this is the way they wanted to work. I measured my garments as best I could but the patterns that were made overseas were terrible, the balance was incorrect so I felt the necklines were choking me. The armholes and crotches were the wrong shape. It was so hard to explain the principles of pattern making to them and every time I made one correction, another would pop up. In the end we ran out of time and I just had to tell them to start production. So much money wasted in the end on multiple samples, and bad fitting garments that people did not like wearing, or even buying.

I just had to change this. And that is why I created Pattern Room

Will Pattern Room Patterns Work For ME?

If you read this I know that you're serious about finding a solution to get patterns for your product .So let's have a look at some of the concerns people might have.

How do I know if the patterns work?

Over 30 years of pattern making and 14 years of running a full-service pattern making business for the fashion industry in Australia. I've worked on thousands of designs with designers and businesses. Just like you. It's not unusual for me to be in a fitting offering advice on how to get that the business owner was not aware could be done. We all know that specs don't work. They only give an indication for the shape that you're looking for, but it's up to the quality of the pattern maker to then translate those measurements into a garment that fits. A pattern room. We've taken a combined knowledge of 150 years of pattern making experience a passion for creating a system that makes it easier for you to find the patterns that you need and a unique product that no one in the world has done before and develop this over 10 years and tested it in the market.

What if I want a unique pattern and don't want to look like everybody else!

We understand business can be tough and having a unique edge against your competitor is important. But think about it this way. The designs you're putting on the fabric, the service that you offer, the country and the state that you live in is going to differentiate you to your customer. With over 900,000 designs and 38,000 t-shirts alone, who's to say that you would be choosing the same pattern as your competitor. There's only a certain number of ways that we can make the perfect regular fit set in sleeve polo. Your customers are not comparing your fit and design to somebody else's. And everybody's shape is different so there's no way that you could tell that two people sitting next to each other with the same t-shirt on has come from the same pattern.

What if I need changes?

Not a problem at all. The first step is to buy a single size of the pattern that you need. Test this in the fabric that you have. Check shrinkage of the fabric. Then make notes and small changes can be made at the second stage when you order your graded set and specification sheet. This takes the pattern out of the pattern room library and into your own file and is uniquely yours. But who knows, you might try the pattern the first time and love it and realise that as your confidence builds in pattern room that you won't need to think about alterations as a second stage.

But I already have a library of 2000 patterns.

We understand and we want to work with you so that you can transition only the patterns that you need to change and move towards a better fitting garment slowly in a manageable way. Download our four steps to the perfect pattern from your favourite tea guide and all show you the key measurements that you need. In order to find a close match with a better fit. Overtime you'll build up your library and transition over. You might not even need as many patterns going forward because you have consistency of fit and can create strong stories to present to your customers rather than being reactive with the garments they have.

Give it a try, for a low cost you might just find the solution you have been looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

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