Sizing Charts

We know that fit and size is subjective and not standardized the world over. That makes it harder for everyone. The last thing we suspect that you want to do is suddenly change up your own sizing. It just makes things more difficult than it needs to be. 

You can use the charts below to check the measurements against a garment you have to find the perfect pattern.

Style measurements (cm & inches)

Women Men Kids
Tee Tee Tee
Singlet Singlet Singlet
Jumper / Jacket Jumper / Jacket Jumper / Jacket
Leggings Leggings Leggings
Track Pants/Short Track Pants/Short Track Pants/Short


Want to know more? Check out our helpful videos on how to measure a garment and different fits on actual bodies.


Confused about that the difference is between FIT and SIZE? This will help explain things better for you. Read the Blog

Below are body measurement charts so you can check what size you need for your mannequin 


Body measurements (cm & inches)