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Hi, my name is Julia Van Der Sommen, I am the creator of Pattern Room and 30 year veteran of the clothing industry.I have worked as a pattern maker, designer, manager of workrooms and have dealt with onshore and offshore manufacturing.

I started Pattern Room years in 2012 for a couple of reasons, as a pattern maker I know how long and drawn out the process can be, and how frustrating it can be to get your ideas across. The relationship between a business owner and a pattern maker is a combination of good information and mind reading with many people resorting to just copying someone else's garment. But then each pattern looked totally different and there was no consistency.


Julia Van Der Sommen- the creator of Pattern Room

It was not unusual for me to receive phone calls from business owners saying ‘I’ve got 3000 patterns and nothing works’. It might be that they had inherited the patterns when they bought the business, it could be that the patterns were ‘tweaked’ and changed over many years and your old machinist was just cutting off the bits that did not work.

Often I would be suggesting ideas to a customer based on my knowledge and it was exactly what they needed so I knew there was a better way. What if I did the work beforehand in fitting and making corrections so you didn’t have to think about this process.


Julia Van Der Sommen and her husband Daniel Watts in the workroom in Melbourne Australia

I also remember using a tech pack when sending designs to be made overseas. As a pattern maker this was incredibly frustrating but I worked for a large business and this is the way they wanted to work. I measured my garments as best I could but the patterns that were made overseas were terrible, the balance was incorrect so I felt the necklines were choking me. The armholes and crotches were the wrong shape. It was so hard to explain the principles of pattern making to them and every time I made one correction, another would pop up. In the end we ran out of time and I just had to tell them to start production. So much money wasted in the end on multiple samples, and bad fitting garments that people did not like wearing, or even buying.

I just had to change this. And that is why I created Pattern Room


About Pattern Room

Welcome to Pattern Room, where innovation meets efficiency in the world of sportswear manufacturing. With over 30 years of experience in the fashion industry, we bring you a pioneering solution that revolutionizes the pattern-making process for sublimation printers, manufacturers and designers that need patterns for their business.


Our Founder's Vision

Founded by a seasoned professional with three decades in the fashion industry, Pattern Room is fuelled by a passion for impeccably fitted garments that not only sell well but also stand the test of time, avoiding premature entry into landfills. The inspiration behind our pattern catalog is rooted in the founder's firsthand experience of the challenges posed by time-consuming and costly pattern-making processes. As a pattern maker, she wanted to find an easier and more time efficient way for her clients to get great fitting basics.

 Founder Julia Van Der Sommen with Daniel Watts

Identifying the Need

Having encountered the struggles of overseas manufacturing and witnessing the repercussions of poorly fitted garments, our founder recognized a crucial need for change. The birth of Pattern Room was sparked by the desire to offer a platform that provides DXF and Ai patterns with a groundbreaking 48-hour turnaround time, addressing the unique needs of sublimation printers and manufacturers in the sports clothing industry and others.


Catering to Custom Sportswear Needs

Our emphasis on the custom sportswear, manufacturing and fashion basics market is a result of extensive collaboration with clients grappling with a shared challenge – an extensive library of patterns paired with an enduring quest for the perfect fit. At Pattern Room, we've emerged as the answer they've been seeking, introducing a paradigm shift in the way manufacturers and designers approach their craft. By providing access to fundamental patterns, we empower our clients in the custom sportswear industry to invest more time and creative energy into crafting unique, standout pieces. We've redefined the landscape, offering not just patterns but a streamlined pathway that allows you to focus on the distinctive elements that make your sportswear truly exceptional.


Setting Ourselves Apart

What sets us apart is our commitment to efficiency and quality. As the world's first online pattern catalog, we've turned the traditional product development process on its head. By pre-making and fitting patterns, testing them in the market, and making them available for purchase within 48 hours, we've eliminated the lengthy and often arduous development process that can take up to 6 months.

 A range of garments on mannequins

Balancing Affordability and Quality

Understanding the price-conscious nature of our clientele, we provide the flexibility to buy single patterns and samples. Clients can test these patterns, make necessary adjustments, and only order a graded set once they are satisfied. This unique approach allows them to make money without any upfront outlay.


Saving Time and Money

At Pattern Room, we envision our pattern catalog as a time and money-saving tool. By offering pre-fitted and market-tested patterns, we streamline the product-to-market process, ensuring that our clients can deliver quality sportswear garments without the usual time constraints.


Success Stories

Explore our success stories and testimonials to witness firsthand how Pattern Room has significantly contributed to speeding up the product-to-market process for businesses like yours.


Supporting Innovation

We understand that venturing into new sports can be both expensive and intimidating. With Pattern Room, you can test the waters without significant risks. Place an order only when the demand arises, minimizing the financial burden associated with exploring new opportunities.


"Getting quality patterns that fit and are consistent to speed up your product to market."

Our campaign perfectly resonates with the challenges and goals of our target audience. At Pattern Room, we're not just providing patterns; we're providing a solution to the industry's most pressing issues. Join us in embracing a new era of efficient, quality-driven sportswear manufacturing.


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