How do I know if the patterns work?

Over 30 years of pattern making and running a full-service pattern making business since 2009 for the fashion industry in Australia. I've worked on thousands of designs with designers and businesses. Just like you. It's not unusual for me to be in a fitting offering advice on how to get that the business owner was not aware could be done. We all know that specs don't work. They only give an indication for the shape that you're looking for, but it's up to the quality of the pattern maker to then translate those measurements into a garment that fits. A pattern room. We've taken a combined knowledge of 150 years of pattern making experience a passion for creating a system that makes it easier for you to find the patterns that you need and a unique product that no one in the world has done before and develop this over 10 years and tested it in the market.

What if I want a unique pattern and don't want to look like everybody else!

We understand business can be tough and having a unique edge against your competitor is important. But think about it this way. The designs you're putting on the fabric, the service that you offer, the country and the state that you live in is going to differentiate you to your customer. With over 900,000 designs and 38,000 t-shirts alone, who's to say that you would be choosing the same pattern as your competitor. There's only a certain number of ways that we can make the perfect regular fit set in sleeve polo. Your customers are not comparing your fit and design to somebody else's. And everybody's shape is different so there's no way that you could tell that two people sitting next to each other with the same t-shirt on has come from the same pattern.


What if I need changes?

Not a problem at all. The first step is to buy a single size of the pattern that you need. Test this in the fabric that you have. Check shrinkage of the fabric. Then make notes and small changes can be made at the second stage when you order your graded set and specification sheet. This takes the pattern out of the pattern room library and into your own file and is uniquely yours. But who knows, you might try the pattern the first time and love it and realise that as your confidence builds in pattern room that you won't need to think about alterations as a second stage.


But I already have a library of 2000 patterns.

We understand and we want to work with you so that you can transition only the patterns that you need to change and move towards a better fitting garment slowly in a manageable way. Download our four steps to the perfect pattern from your favourite tea guide and all show you the key measurements that you need. In order to find a close match with a better fit. Overtime you'll build up your library and transition over. You might not even need as many patterns going forward because you have consistency of fit and can create strong stories to present to your customers rather than being reactive with the garments they have.


How can quality patterns save me money in manufacturing?

Quality patterns ensure less sampling time so less fabric wastage and fewer errors in production, ultimately reducing costs.


What types of sportswear do you offer?

We provide a wide range of DXF and Ai patterns tailored for various sports and styles. We have over 900,000 patterns and growing week by week.


Can I customise patterns to match my unique brand vision?

Absolutely! Our patterns can be customized to align with your brand's identity and style. You can add the graphics you design and use the base as many times as you need.


How quickly can I access the patterns I need?

Supercharge your productivity with digital patterns ready to use in just 48 hours or less. No more time wasted trying to find a decent pattern maker or waiting for a physical pattern to be shipped from interstate or overseas. We guarantee 48-hour delivery, ensuring you get the patterns you need when you need them.

Do I own the patterns?

Our patterns are purchased as a perpetual lease with zero royalties. Use the pattern as many times as you want and pay nothing extra. Just don’t resell it, publish it or tweak it.


Can I change the patterns?

We would not recommend it because then you’ll lose the brilliant fit that makes it so great in the first place.


Will others have the same pattern as the one I purchased?

Yes they will, but with over 900,000 styles to choose from, there is a smaller chance that you will choose the same thing. Keep in mind, there are many things that make your offer unique, the fabric you choose, the graphics you add, the service you offer. And remember, no 2 bodies are the same, so no-one will ever know they have the same pattern, they will just know it is a great fitting pattern.


How will I receive the pattern?

You will receive your patterns by email. Your graphic designer will love our easy-to-use, multi-platform digital patterns that work with multiple systems. Patterns are available in DXF and AI, so can be used in Illustrator or CorelDRAW.


How does the cost of patterns compare to my pattern maker?

As we travel around the world, we hear from every country, ‘that is so cheap!’ Sourcing a pattern the traditional way can take around 6 months and cost $800+. Pattern Room provides your pattern within 48 hours at around half of the traditional cost, minus the freight fees and delays. But keep in mind, with 48 hour turn turnaround, this means you can say yes to the job that has walked through your door which is worth every cent.


What sizes do you sell?

Our patterns are available from Mens XS-8XL, Womens 6-28 (USA 2-24) and Kids 2-16. There’s nothing more confusing – and annoying – than needing one size in one garment and a different size in another. Our patterns deliver consistent sizing across multiple garments, every time.


What if I need a design that is not available on the website?

Just reach out to us. We might have a similar one in the workings that we can arrange for you separately.


What success stories can you share about businesses that benefitted from your patterns?

Stay tuned to our blog for inspiring success stories of clients who transformed their sportswear businesses with our quality patterns.